to specify hospital’s functionality among its employees

If you want to make a computer based modern prescription, then you have to have a hospital management system. Generally, a hospital management system is integrated with some user management system to specify hospital’s functionality among its employees, such as Admin, Doctor, Nurse, Receptionist etc. user profile. As a doctor, In order to make a modern prescription, you need log in from Doctor’s accounts. After logging in, you will directly come on “Doctor’s Dashboard” & find a menu bar.  Select “prescription” menu to create. Prescription menu generally consists following options

  • Add patient case study
  • Case study list
  • Add patient prescription
  • Prescription list

Step 2, Add prescription to create new one:

Select “Add prescription” to create a new prescription. After selecting, You will find a prescription form on the screen. Then fill up several fields

  • Add patient detail (patient Id, Name, Major complain, BP, Appointment Id etc.)
  • Add medicine mentioning medicine name, type, instruction, days
  • Add diagnosis including details
  • Put on a patient note

Then click on “save” button. If the above information is already available on the system then you don’t need to write anything but click & select. All section will fill up automatically.

Step 3, Manage existing prescription from the prescription list:

If you need to serve a patient who was prescribed before then:

  • Select prescription list menu
  • Search on by patient ID
  • Select desired prescription
  • Go through the “Action” button
  • Select “Edit” & manage as before

Step 4, Print out the prescription:

After saving a complete prescription then click on printer icon, print & get the hard copy of the prescription.


Through this system, the stuff of a hospital collects information from the patient. They verify it by their identity card, insurance documents, and other essential items. Health stuff put this information in their central database with a unique identity number. A duty doctor verifies the present condition and makes a quick prescription through the Hospital Management System.

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